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About the Wild Horse Sanctuary

Rather than allow 80 wild horses living on public land to be destroyed, the founders of the Wild Horse Sanctuary made a major life decision right then and there to rescue these unwanted horses and create a safe home for them. And just as quickly, they launched a media campaign to bring attention to the plight of these and hundreds of other wild horses across the west that eventually led to a national moratorium on killing un-adoptable wild horses.

The Sanctuary is located near Shingletown, California on 5,000 acres of lush lava rock-strewn mountain meadow and forest land. Black Butte is to the west and towering Mt. Lassen is to the east. The current location features better accessibility for the public, a milder winter climate with more natural cover, and other benefits for the horses.

It proved to be a heavy financial and emotional burden to create an alternative to the slaughter of these animals.

Our Mission

To protect and preserve America's wild horses as a living national treasure by providing range sanctuary in an ecologically balanced environment open to the public.

Our Goals

Increase public awareness of herd dynamics and the genetic and historical value of America’s wild horses through trail rides on the sanctuary, publications, and public and media outreach.

Demonstrate that wild horses can co-exist on open range in ecological balance with many diverse species of wildlife including deer, black bear, bobcat, mountain lion, wild turkey, gray fox, and over 150 species of birds.

Provide a working, replicable model for the proper and responsible management of wild horses in their natural habitat.

Collaborate with research projects to document the intricate and unique social structure, biology, and native intelligence of wild horses as well as the effective use of infertility vaccines.

To be a voice for America’s wild horses and promote humane solutions to the problems that threaten their future existence on public lands.

To inspire others to also be a voice for America’s wild horses.

Our Programs

The Wild Horse Sanctuary is a non-profit, tax exempt, public foundation and 5,000 acre preserve dedicated to the protection and preservation of America's wild horses. It is currently supported by contributions from individuals and organizations with a wide range of backgrounds that share a common concern for wildlife, the environment, and our American heritage.

The Wild Horse Sanctuary conducts pack trips; develops public education programs; sponsors "resistance free" horse training seminars; participates in research projects on ecologically sound wild horse management; consults on related programs in order to help build other wildlife preserves; and cooperates with responsible ecology, animal protection, and educational organizations to further the protection of all species of wildlife, including America's wild horses, and the preservation of our natural environment.

We are open to the public for wild horse viewing on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 10 am - 4 pm - there is no cost.

Wild Horse Sanctuary
Physical Address: 5796 Wilson Hill Road, Shingletown, CA 96088
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 30, Shingletown, CA
(530) 474-5770 (office hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am-3pm)

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