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Changing the Present

People come from all over the world to visit the Wild Horse Sanctuary. Most are very appreciative and moved by the work we do and often ask how they can assist once they return home. Sharing stories and pictures with friends and family is certainly one way to build awareness. We've found another way to help people help the horses and burros.  

Changing The Present helps nonprofits (like us) raise awareness and raise money by making charitable giving more convenient, cost-efficient, and rewarding for you than ever before. You have an opportunity to raise money for the Wild Horse Sanctuary in a variety of ways and it's FREE to you!  

Consider starting your own fundraising drive where proceeds will go directly to the Wild Horse Sanctuary. You can use Changing the Present to create a birthday or holiday wish list or to create a wedding registry where guests can make a donation to the Sanctuary in lieu of a traditional wedding gift.  Visit the Wild Horse Sanctuary page at Changing the Present to learn more. 

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