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Arthur and Elena Court Nature Watch Conservancy Will match Wild Horse Sanctuary Donations

Through the very generous assistance of the Arthur and Elena Court Nature Watch Conservancy, the Wild Horse Sanctuary is pleased to continue to offer all our donors and sponsors the opportunity to double any financial contribution of $50 up to $1000. By using the matching-funds program, many of our donors have already been able to sponsor two wild horses for the price of one. Others who cannot afford a full sponsorship can still have the joy of seeing their $50 donation double into a $100 donation, at no further cost to them.

The Arthur and Elena Court Nature Watch Conservancy, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1990 to support nature and wildlife-preservation programs. Arthur Court a nationally recognized artist and innovator, has a long history of aiding educational and preservation groups. His love of nature was nourished by his father on their farm in Minnesota. He developed a concern about the animals displaced by tractors tilling their land. Arthur Court has made a pledge to provide and protect the habitats these creatures depend on.

Elena Court, Arthur's wife, is a native San Franciscan artist who has sought inspiration in nature, using a unique form of printmaking-or rock-painting capturing the outlines of glaciers and rock faces throughout Yosemite and the southwest. Together, Arthur and Elena wish to "give back" to nature through donations from the Nature Conservancy, "so the joys of youth are not lost to future generation." They have always believed that "nature knows how to do things" whether it be forming beautiful mineral deposits or keeping a balance between wild creatures and environs." As we learn more, we need to be sure to restore and not disturb this all important natural balance.

The Wild Horse Sanctuary is proud and honored to be among the recipients of this program. Through the Courts' generosity, the Sanctuary has the opportunity to substantially increase its donation revenue. If you wish to take part in this program, write a tax-deductible check to the Arthur and Elena Court Nature Watch Conservancy. Send your check to the Wild Horse Sanctuary. We will forward it to Elena Court, and she will write a check to us that include matching funds-thus doubling your contribution to the wild horses.

We hope you are excited by this continuing program as we are. We feel deeply indebted to Arthur and Elena for their kind gift. If you would like more information please call the Wild Horse Sanctuary.

Here's how it works: Please make your check payable to Arthur and Elena NWC and mail to the Wild Horse Sanctuary. P O Box 30, Shingletown, CA 96088. We process your donation and then forward to the Nature Watch Conservancy for their match.

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